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Eric Giriat

Eric Giriat has been drawing as naturally as he has breathed since he was able to hold a pencil. He added a taste for graphism and photography to drawing as he attended ESAG (Ecole Supérieure de Design, d'Art Graphique et d'Architecture Intérieure, Paris, France). He defines himself as an illustrator without borders, would they be geographical, stylistic or thematic.

The images he conceives often relate to play and poetry, mix painting, collages, pictures and pixels, and present a strong and recognizable style.

Spotted by the magazine ELLE France in 1996, he has flooded since the press, advertisement and international editions in many fields (from fashion to economics, politics, psychology, children books, interior design, luxury industry, culture and portraits)

Some of the advertising campaigns and book covers he has illustrated have been granted awards.

He likes to flirt with Fashion and Design, T shirts and pullovers motifs  for JOOP (Germany), pillows for Dominique Lila Home, giant Stickers and pareos for Dona Fusion (Brazil), Cognac bottle for Hennessy, an organic bag for the Great Grocery Store in Paris... 

Gifted with a big visual appetite, he loves to travel with his pencils and stylist highlighter pens, and frequently commutes in between Paris, New York, Hamburg, Berlin and...Issy les Moulineaux.