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Marcel Ceuppens


Marcel Ceuppens was born in Brussels in 1960; he currently both lives and works in Brussels and London. He’s studied advertising at the Sint-Lukas Brussels University College of Art & Design.
He quickly became a successful Art Director working for the most creative advertising agencies in Belgium before to become a full time painter/illustrator. 
He began creating economic, highly conceptual digital paintings in 2010 and exhibits his work since then. His paintings have been published in Belgian, British and American media and was featured in the Creative Review’s Illustration Annual 2011.
He is inspired by his passion for mid-century art, design and architecture.
Besides Portraits and architectural paintings, Marcel’s favorite protagonist—his “everyman”—appears solo or with cookie cutter duplicity throughout these paintings. Each work possesses a specified narrative within a spare, minimalist context and no doubt is very communicative. It is easy to either directly relate, or be rather familiar with this universal character as he conforms to the expected norms of both life and work in an unresisting manner and as he passively observes out of the ordinary natural disasters. Our protagonist appears detached; he is faceless and nonemotive but we empathize with him nonetheless.