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Andrea D'Aquino


Andrea D'Aquino was born in New York City, not long after the assassination of JFK and the arrival of The Beatles - in short, a very colorful world. That is how she has always seen it, anyway.

She has resisted labels like "illustrator", "art director", "graphic designer", or even "writer", and finds herself happiest somewhere between all those descriptions. For years, she worked as an art director for major advertising agencies, creating campaigns in all media, from print to film, for clients like Giorgio Armani, The New York Times, Coca Cola and many others. She learned from collaborating with some of the very best writers, directors, photographers and illustrators in the world.

She also took a few years to spend a large amount of time in Europe, mainly Italy, to travel, learn the language, and generally absorb the history and culture of her ancestors. She returned energized and ready to return also to her original passion: drawing, painting, and generally expressing visual ideas in a wide variety of media from digital to traditional. 
Her work has been widely published from the UK to the US, Canada, Brazil and Germany. Her work has been recognized by The Society of Illustrators, American Illustration, The Art Director's Club, Communication Arts. 
Andrea is truly excited to continue on her visual journey, and always feels most fortunate and happiest working on whatever the next new project brings.