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Clemence Etcheverry

Born in 1981, Clemence Etcheverry, also known as Ms Bossy, has been drawing since she was a teenager, (although she had been scribbling beautifully before).

In 2003, after having spent a short while studying cartoons, she realized she preferred working with stable and unmoving material, which gave her a real feeling of freedom.

She started with small plates for  various musical bands (Free Your Funk, Ping Pong, Radio Campus etc.), and for web magazines (brain Magazine, Gastface) and advertising (Chase by Cowboy), while creating her own very feline universe (for isn’t the cat the most beautifully drawn creature that fate ever decided to blind us with ?). She then chose the Cat as her pet subject and filled her white pages with “bad cats”, Cheshire cats, mischievous or arrogant cats or simply very stupid cats.

In 2007, she started as a graphic artist with the Atelier Chardon Savard (reputed fashion design school in Paris) and has been teaching there for the last 4 months.

She also exhibits her work and creates fur toys (looking akin to cats of course) for young and old lovers of the feline species.