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Tinou Le Joly Senoville

Tinou le Joly Sénoville is a parisian illustrator and creator who has been recognized by the press fashion magazine/interior design/international beauty and also by the US communication agencies.

This leads her to sign on a regular bases collector covers of the United Airlines consumer magazine.

Her approach of color, her taste for textile design are, amongst other things, at the origin of the visual identity of the very renowned franco-brezilian brand Petit Rétro.

A few creations later: at Bonton, Paris, a Christmas expo, in the Musée de l'Homme, Paris, a set up for the first Paris Playtime Trade Show, where she designed the poster. From then the Tokyo Playtime Trade Show is born..              

Now with the editors: Coq en pâte (bio-ethical editor for children), she signs a collection, proposes her graphical universe on other supports than paper: T shirts, aprons, schoolbags, bags, briefcases, pillows.... and dreams with them of an 100 % bio-equitable world. Sold in Paris Bonpoint, Merci and Jeux de Paume in Tokyo....

Latest news: Design with Amnesty International of a children clothe line. Regular collaboration for and with Djeco, children's game creator. And, in Editions Hachette, a book on cross stitches with delight.